Weavers Furnishing Ltd. aspire to bring design and business model innovation into the home. Our endeavor is to be the largest supplier of interior fabrics in the country by leveraging on our strength of innovation and harnessing technology to provide better solution to our customers.

Mission & Vision

To gain and increase market share with high quality product and service, with the support from competent human resources, latest technologies, standardized operation procedure and efficient workforce. To become a leading interior fabric supplier for both local and global market.


We offer customers a distinctive advantage over competitors. Our believe in the continues pursuit of excellence in performance, quality and service, has led us to adopt a radical approach towards change. Add to that, our passion to bring you the highest, premium quality home furnishing. It is true that in a field where contemporary trends rule, it is essential to keep pace with the dynamic global shifts of fashion and design.


Our team is a valuable asset which provides us to fulfill customer needs with their hard work and loyalty. Adequate information about our fabrics is analyzed by our team to give the best solution. They are guided, devoted and keenly aware of how immensely this company’s potential is to grow with the workforce itself.

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